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Raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Carol recently retired after 32 years as a high-school teacher.  She has received the Pennsylvania Outstanding Teacher Award, Outstanding Secondary Educators of America Award, Chapel of the Four Chaplains Award, Valley Forge National Economic Education Award,  as well as Pennsylvania's Greatest Resource Award.  Carol now devotes her time to her passions of breeding and showing American Shorthair Silver Tabby cats, oil painting, and does many speaking engagements, as well as writing black history of the pre and post Civil War era.  Her knowledge of Americana Black History has brought forth numerous articles, poetry and monographs as well as books such as:  A Documented History of Afro-Americans, Volume I and Volume II, Rhoda--The Vindictive Slave, A Martyr to Glory,  and A Slave To Glory (see notes about A Slave to Glory below). 

Author, Carol C. Schwartz, 
shown with Grand Champion American Shorthair Silver Classic Tabby mom & kits.


Below are links to some of Carol's literary works...
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