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Arriving in 1620 at Plymouth Rock along, with the Pilgrims on the Mayflower, were several cats.  A little later, other kitties also came to America on various European cruise ships. These working cats were known as good mousers and were a great help in the reduction of the spread of disease among humans. "America’s own breed of kitties" evolved through the years from these early arrivals.  Because of their great hunting ability, they commanded large prices.  At the Second Annual Cat Show held at Madison Square Garden, New York City in 1896, the value placed on Nicodemus, a lovely brown tabby male, was $2,500.00.

Today, we have a beautiful American Shorthair cat with a "coat of many colors." Words such as: exquisite, lovable, adorable, appealing, sturdy, hardy, healthy, vigorous, robust, muscular and intelligent are all applicable to the American Shorthair. The sweet disposition with the beguiling face is absolutely wonderful; and oft times American Shorthairs are referred to as little "purr boxes."