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Each fluffy "pom-pom" tail on the Japanese Bobtail is unique as well as the most distinctive thing about this breed.  Known for centuries in Japan, the regal and magnificent Japanese Bobtail is one of the oldest natural breed of cat on our earth today.  They not only come in every color possible, but their eyes are blue, gold, green and/or odd-eyed.  The bobtails came to our country after World War II where they stole the hearts of many Americans, and were developed as pedigreed kitties later accepted into the CFA. 

The Japanese Bobtail is a needy kitty and feels great affection for human companionship being adorable, enchanting, endearing and absolutely delightful.  They show intelligence and wit by actually holding conversations with you as well as answering the telephone before you are able to get to it.  The majestic bobtails are very easy to teach various behavior actions; and today, are Champions in the CFA Agility competition.